Feng Shui Santa Barbara

A Path To Balance & Harmony

Feng Shui literally means wind and water, referring to how the energy in the environment is affected by the wind as it comes in contact with water. Feng Shui dates back four thousand years with formulas and calculations to predict how this movement of energy influences our health, finances and relationships and how to make it work to our benefit.

Designing Prosperity

Integrating Feng Shui into your home

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create an aesthetically inviting and energetically balanced environment, one that makes one feel at peace, as well as energized. Despite the many adversities of life we can be made stronger to meet these challenges by implementing the principles of Feng Shui. The 5 elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood are used to strengthen the positive energetic influences and weaken the negative ones. These energetic influences affect one’s personal relationships, finances, and health and can all come into better harmony when implementing Feng Shui. The placement and direction of your furniture is of utmost importance in accomplishing this aim, along with creating an aesthetically balanced design. If your goal is to experience a more resonant and blissful life then having good Feng Shui will help you in accomplishing that goal.


Deanna Cohen

Feng Shui Consultant

I practice Traditional Feng Shui as taught by Master Larry Sang of the American School of Feng Shui in Los Angeles.  I have been the Feng Shui consultant for numerous homes and businesses in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles for the past ten years. The Feng Shui systems I implement are The East/West Direction School, The Land and Form School and The Flying Star School. Implementing these systems makes the environment strong energetically for good health, prosperity and harmonious relationships.

Here is a brief description of the three schools of Feng Shui I implement.

The East / West System of Feng Shui is based on the idea that each person has a personal Kua number, which is calculated based on the birth date.

The Kua number is used to determine one's auspicious and inauspicious directions, which are used to guide the placement of furniture and decor in a space.

The Land and Form School is a system of Feng Shui that emphasizes the importance of the natural environment in determining the flow of energy (or chi) in a space.

The Land and Form School, takes into consideration the shape, slope, and topography of the land, as well as the shape and orientation of buildings, to determine the flow of energy in a space. The idea is that the natural environment creates channels of energy that can either support or block the flow of positive energy, and that the shape and orientation of buildings can either enhance or disrupt this flow.

Many different factors need to be considered in determining the flow of energy in a space, including the placement of doors and windows, as well as the use of color and decor.

The Flying Star System of Feng Shui is a system of Feng Shui that uses the Lo Shu Square, a grid of nine numbers that represents the nine celestial stems and eight earthly branches in Chinese astrology. Each number corresponds to a different type of energy or "star" that can have an impact on the occupants of a space.

The Flying Star System analyzes the current and historical positions of these stars to determine their impact on a particular space. Then uses this information to make recommendations for the placement of furniture, decor, and other elements to enhance the flow of positive energy and minimize the impact of negative energy.

The Flying Star System is a dynamic system that changes over time, as the positions of the stars change. It is based on the idea that the energy in a space is constantly changing and that it is necessary to regularly analyze and adjust the space to maintain a harmonious flow of energy.

It is my pleasure to assist and educate others in creating balance and harmony using the principles of this astounding ancient tradition.

May we all have Good Feng Shui!


Comfort and grace.  That has been our experience of our home since Deanna Cohen provided us with her Feng Shui analysis and recommendations for remedies. We have confidence in her knowledge of Feng Shui in supporting our experience of well-being, safety and abundance.  She has also made herself available to us in times of great personal need. Deanna is a talented home decorator and real estate expert.  She can combine home decoration with Feng Shui to provide strong and beautiful support.  She can Also counsel people regarding the pros and cons of a specific property purchase using Feng Shui.  We are lucky to have her in our lives.

- Ricky and Orman Gaspar

It is my experience that Deanna Cohen seamlessly combines her Feng Shui knowledge, aesthetics, and sensitivity, given a clients situation, capabilities, and limitations, to maximize the flow of energy.

Each year as Deanna educates me about applied principles and yearly energetic changes, my appreciation for its benefits deepens.

- Ruth Windsor

Deanna is the real deal. I had recently learned about traditional Feng Shui and was very interested in the subject given that my partner and I had just purchased a condo. We got in contact with her and scheduled a time. She asked if there was anything in life that was of particular concern. We told her among other things that we were hoping to have a child in the near future. After our sessions, we made the changes she recommended and the condo looked and felt better almost instantly.

The following month we conceived and are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

- David and Kaitlin